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Professional  moving made simple.


Bigger moves

Houses, townhouses, duplexes, roughly 1200sqft, 3 bedrooms or more. Furniture only, or complete moves!


Smaller moves

Apartments, condos, small houses, 2 bedrooms or less. Long hallways, walk up, elevator, we do it all.


Deliveries, large items

Furniture only, 10pcs or less, point A to point B. Appliances, large items, removals.

Ok!...  How about we get a few things out of the way right off the bat?


1. YES WE HAVE MOVING INSURANCE. 5million commercial auto liability and 150k household goods and used furniture cargo. It's incredibly expensive, the truck needs to be moving every day.

2. YES WE HAVE WCB. Industry code 50714 - furniture moving.

3. YES WE USE FURNITURE PADS ON ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE. The smallest truck is a 24 foot 5 ton with 80 pads.

4. YES WE CHARGE A TRAVEL FEE (or truck fee, same thing). Deliveries can be flat rated, but all moves are by the hour, start to finish, plus 1 hour. (eg. a 2.25hr move start to finish, would be billed 3.25hrs, plus gst.) 1/4hr billing

5. Cash, E-transfer, Debit, Credit, your choice. Full page invoices provided. Possible fee depending on which card.

We've been doing this a while. These are very commonly asked questions, and they absolutely should be.


Please take the time to read the details of how we work with your type of move, and fill out the online estimate. Calls and texts welcome, have your details ready, and we will deliver the smoothest move for YOU!

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