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Deliveries 5 pieces or less

Moving only a few pieces is VERY common. Renting a truck for it, finding help and muddling your way through it is generally not worth the time, money and effort. Even if you have a truck, if we were close and could do it for $100 it would be worth every cent! No damage, no stress, less time.

We will flat rate deliveries, mostly in afternoons, based on location. The time traveling to and from the locations, (before and after your move) is actually most of the cost for us.


This is best done with the online form, and communicated by text. timing is everything, and we need quick reference to what was said.

Please note that a flat delivery rate, would be limited to normal circumstances. It's not unusual for a large sofa to be difficult to get into a small space, but if circumstances become extreme and we spend an hour taking things apart for example, it may need to be treated as a large item. (next section) Which would be a be the delivery rate, plus hourly rate of unusual extra time spent.

large Items

Large items would be considered as anything with unusual dimensions (especially in comparison to where it needs to go), or very high weight.


Pianos, safes, file proof file cabinets, very high end furniture, commercial kitchen and refrigeration units all qualify.

Even very large sofas, or bed pieces need to be treated as large items sometimes. It's not reasonable to expect a flat delivery rate if we have to spend an excessive amount of time disassembling doorways, handrails, even the furniture itself to get it where it needs to go.

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Every mover has generally done deliveries at some point in their career. We use 2 strap 4-wheel dollies, or sometimes the body harness if necessary. The body harness is a bit amateur in my opinion but it's a widely used tool and many delivery men are simply used to using one every day.

Appliances are actually easy believe it or not when done correctly. Sub zero type, or commercial coolers we can quote but when you get into 700lbs plus you generally want to go with a piano mover, or the service where you bought it. Air dollies are $2500, and do not get used enough to warrant the investment.

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Edmonton smooth move

This is not generally what you are going to read on a moving company website.. or any other site for that matter. The idea is to be as transparent as humanly possible. We are a group of professionals from the moving and delivery industry working together.

This site is not written by some random person with a marketing and design degree sitting at a desk who shows up to work wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. We are a startup. We need reviews. You will be impressed.

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