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Larger moves, house moves

Full house moves are generally a full day of work. We need a bit more detail than usual to decide whether 2 or 3 men are more suitable, generally speaking, say an 1100sqft bungalow is doable with 2 men in a day, anything more could be more efficient with 3.

Most of our moves are done with a 24 foot straight truck, but we do have a 28 foot full moving van that can take an average full 3 bed home in 1 trip. It generally does long distance,  and large volume delivery though so there is less availability. House moves are generally 2 trips with a 24 foot. Must submit the online form with detail for 3 man 28 foot pricing.

Furniture only from homes 1200sqft +

Furniture only moves are fairly common, They are a lot more difficult to load but we have no shortage of moving pads and logistics. Once again, doable with either 2 or 3 men.


We prefer 2 men, larger items take 2 men to lift, no sense having a 3rd trying to keep busy unless there are any very heavy or large items (piano/safe) going up or down stairs.

Anything smaller than the average furniture in this size home, can be considered a small move. (its based on time slots for us)

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Edmonton smooth move

This is not generally what you are going to read on a moving company website.. or any other site for that matter. The idea is to be  as transparent as humanly possible. We are a group of professionals from the moving and delivery industry working together.


This site is not written by some random person with a marketing and design degree sitting at a desk who shows up to work wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. We are a startup. We need reviews. You will be impressed.

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