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Apartments / Condos

One and 2 bedroom apartments are a profession on their own. You can do it yourself. You have likely done it a few times, we all have. You're sick of doing it, or you just can't anymore.. so you're reading this.

Uhauls are actually the worst thing to load in. There is nothing to tie anything to, and no pads or equipment to work with. It's very similar to using a cube van.


Many small movers on kijiji run cube vans. They are significantly cheaper to operate than a 5 ton, but... Just because you can technically cram an apartment into a little truck does not necessarily mean it's a good idea.

A 24 foot 5 ton takes an apartment no problem, with room to spare. It takes a lot less time to load because you don't need to get so creative, you can just pad it, put it in the truck and go back for more.

The key is dollies. Apartments almost always involve a distance to the truck. When you stack things on dollies, and take as much as possible to the truck at a time it takes a fraction of the time as carrying everything.

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Partial moves / Downsizes

Sometimes you need to move only 1 room, or divide a home or downsize. this is also ideal for 2 men, 24 foot. We find that it's a bit of a cluster with another person, and unlikely to be cost effective.

Senior moves as well, "too many cooks in the kitchen" can begin to work against everyone involved. Partial or downsizes are common, chances are you have done a lot of work and organizing yourself. A smaller more cost effective company like us is perfect! we do all of them we can get our hands on.

Furniture Only from smaller homes, over 10 pieces

Furniture only moves are actually the most difficult, and risky move for a mover. It takes a lot of pads, a lot of skill to load, and it's literally all the hard work all at once. We do that.

When filling out the estimate form for furniture only (better than ph or txt), you don't need to list every last piece. Try to short form it as much as possible, while being accurate as to how many pieces there are.

Edmonton smooth move

This is not generally what you are going to read on a moving company website.. or any other site for that matter. The idea is to be as transparent as humanly possible. We are a group of professionals from the moving and delivery industry working together.

This site is not written by some random person with a marketing and design degree sitting at a desk who shows up to work wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. We are a startup. We need reviews. You will be impressed.

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